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Snow Day Activities

I hope everyone is enjoying the snow and staying warm and safe.

Here is a list of some activities which you might enjoy doing from home:

1. Revise long multiplication and long division.
( has some great free worksheets)
2. Practise for your Maths Passport Activity. We have covered the 2,5,10,3,4,& 9times tables so far.
3. Write a story with paragraphs (beginning, middle and end) about a snow day adventure.
4. Sketch a magical snow scene.
5. Create your own paper snowflake with paper and scissors.
5. Research what the weather is like in other countries at the moment and investigate when we last had a big snow fall.

February Update

We are currently learning about the following topics in class:

English: Michael Morpurgo’s novel Kensuke’s Kingdom
Persuasive writing
Irish: Future Tense Verbs
Maths: Negative Numbers
History: Daniel O’ Connell
Geography: People and other lands
Science: Electricity
P.E.: Water Safety
Art: Construction – holder made out of lollipop sticks

January Update

Happy New Year!

These are some of the topics we are currently learning about:

English – Traditional Chinese stories, report writing

Irish: Bia (Food) & Sa Bhaile (At Home)

Maths: Decimals, long multiplication, long division

History: 16th & 17th century Ireland

Geography & Science: Soils & Electricity

PE: Games – basketball skills

Art: Chinese New Year decorations

SPHE: Busy Body Programe

December Update

This month 5th class are learning about:

English: Connectives and commas in their writing.

Report writing

The Railway Children – novel

Gaeilge: An Aimsir (Weather)

An Nollaig (Christmas)

Maths: Properties of 2D Shapes

Number facts – multiples, factors, prime and composite numbers.

Geography & Science: Nutrition

The Immune system

Natural Environments – The Burren

History: The story of Granuaile

Ancient instruments

Traditional Irish music

P.E.: Morern Dance

Art: Christmas decorations (crafts)

Music: Christmas songs & recorder

SPHE: Keeping Safe

Weekly Update

This week we have been learning about:

English: Instructional writing

The Railway Children – novel

Irish: Caitheamh Aimsire (pastimes)

Braithra rialta aimsir fháistineach (future tense regular verbs)

Maths: decimal numbers

Geography / Science: Mountains in Ireland

History: Leonardo da Vinci

Art: winter wonderland scenes

PE: modern dance

Weekly Update

In the following subjects we are learning about:

English – Speech Punctuation

The Railway Children – Novel

Irish – Eadaí

Maths – Simple and Equivalent Fractions

Geography / Science – The parts of a plant

History – Leonardo da Vinci

P.E. – Dance

Happy Halloween

Thank you to everyone for all your hard work in making Mission Week in the school such a success.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Halloween! Get a good rest!

Best wishes

Mrs O’Neill