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Surprise Sports Day!

Thank you to Miss Walsh, the Active School Committee and the Playground Leader for organising a surprise mini Sports Day today! We had a wonderful time!


Have a look at some photos of our play Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


I would also like to say thank you to Fourth Class for a great year together! We were very lucky that we got the opportunity to do some wonderful things this year, including Peace Proms, Maths Week, Active Week and the Greenway cycle. I was very lucky to have such a proactive group of girls to help me. You were given a huge amount of responsibility this year and you all rose to the challenge.

I hope you remember to keep up your ‘growth mindset’; to succeed at anything you have to make (lots of!) mistakes first. Be kind to one another and I’ll see you all soon!

Miss Anderson 🙂

School Blog

On the 29th of May 4th class and 3rd class went to Castlecomer Discovery Park for our school tour. We did orienteering and the tree top walk. Everyone had so much fun at castlecomer discovery park. Next week on the 12th of June 4th class will be cycling on the Greenway with Donal and Olly and we also have the dancing display on the 12th of June.

written by Julie

typed by Lily rose

The Blog

Last week Fourth and Third class went on Tour it was really fun. We did the Tree Top Adventure Walk It kind of scary but still fun and did orienteering. It was pretty hard but we managed.

And the great news is three of our chicks hatched! We are still looking for names. I hope we choose good names. I think we are will have good names.

There’s more good news. Fourth class is going to the Greenway next week and we are going on Tuesday the day we having our Irish dancing display. Well that’s it for the blog.

Thank you for reading!

Written by: Nikol S.

Typed by: Sophiat

School Blog

This month was super crazy! We went to Castlecomer Discovery park with 3rd class. We finally got our 7th green flag thank you Ms Finucane and her team for collecting the flag. Our chicks finally hatched only four remaining but soon two will be hatching soon. Our first dancing display is next week. I hope you all have a nice day!

Written by: Ashley

Typed by: Chichi


hello. This week we finished cycling with the Waterford Greenway. also we got our experiments .We were cycling around the school yards . Chrissie dressed up as a Viking to school for an assembly . We were practising our play Charlie and the Chocolate  Factory . Miss Anderson told us what a talking diary is and we will be getting one soon.


Written by  Chrissie and Dominika.

Typed by   Klea.

The blog

Hello last week we had peace proms it was so fun. There were a lot of acts. There were drums and bag pips and opera singers and a big orchestra with violin, tin whistle, recorder and a saxophone. We have picked a slogan winner. We announced the winner and the runners up at assembly last week. We had athletics last week and this week.

Written by: Sophiat, Jasia and Aoibhinn

Typed by: Nicole K


Winter Wonderland

Three days in; I’m sure some of you are suffering from cabin fever! Don’t forget during times like these to be kind to each other and make the most of it.

How did the board games go? Maybe it’s time to root out a deck of cards now. Can you make up a card game to help you with your multiples?

When I woke up this morning it was like a winter wonderland outside. You are a bunch of wonderful artists in fourth class; why not sketch a picture inspired by the winter wonderland outside your window?

Can you measure the depth of the snow outside you house? Use both centimetres and inches. The snow outside my house is up to my knees in places. That’s about half a metre deep or about 20 inches! Research to find out how deep the snow is in other parts of the country and compare. Sketch a map of Ireland and mark in the average snowfall (snow depth) of each county.

After World Book Day yesterday, make sure to spend some time curled up by the fire with your favourite book.

Research the weather forecast for the weekend. Present a weather forecast for your family as Gaeilge. You could use the sketch you’ve already completed of each county’s snowfall!

Make sure to check the ‘Latest News’ tab for updates on the Peace Proms Concert.

Be safe ladies and I’ll see you all soon!