Junior Infants Blog

Juniors keeping busy!

Being the secretary at the Doctor’s surgery is very demanding!


Making and sorting tablets at this pharmaceutical plant! There was s, a, t, p, i and n tablets! 😄 We then packaged these tablets and designed the package – highlighting the type of tablet and quantity! We counted out 5 tablets for each packet and put a price on the packet!

Owl Babies

We enjoyed the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

We talked about and drew our Family!

We had fun with some new magnetic shapes during maths stations!

The small world area… When two Mammies need help after their children have an accident in the park they know who to call!

Line drawings!

Sorting and packaging tablets!

We enjoyed the book Owl Babies and learned about owls!

    We looked at artwork by Kandinsky and created pieces of our own!

The Doctor’s Surgery during Aistear


More birthday celebrations and dancing in Junior Infants!

The girls were super at their dancing today and only their second lesson! Well done girls! 😀

See who turned 5 today! 😃🎈

More birthday celebrations in Junior Infants! 😃🎈🎉

Welcome Junior Infants! :)

A Huge Welcome to our Junior Infants! All the girls are settling nicely into their new classroom and new school routine! We are delighted to have them with us and look forward to lots of fun and learning this year! 🙂

Two of our girls celebrated turning 5 during their first week of Junior Infants! 🙂


The girls have been listening to stories and going over lots of nursery rhymes! One of the stories they enjoyed  was ‘Peace at Last’ where Mr. Bear is kept awake by Mrs. Bear snoring! The girls might retell the story for you and tell you about all the other things that kept poor Mr. Bear awake!

In art the girls made lovely patchwork quilts for Mr. and Mrs Bear and it’s easy to see that Mr. Bear was not so happy about the loud snoring!

🏀Sports Day⚽

We started off our sports day doing some running races.

3-Legged Race




Egg and Spoon



Sack Races


Obstacle Course


Water-run Race





Parachute Fruit Game

Dragon’s Den


Limbo and Skipping





🐻Teddy Bear Picnic🐻

We had a special story time on Friday.

We read This is the Bear and the Picnic Lunch, whilst having a small picnic with our own bears.

Image result for this is the bear and the picnic lunch