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Nuacht Rang a Dó

Maths: Comparing and ordering numbers using the hundred square. Introducing the RUDE problem solving strategy (Read, Underline, Draw and Estimate).

Coiscéim: Started a new theme – Aliens and Space.

History: Learning about Neil Armstrong and the first moon landing. Creating a timeline of his life.

Geography: Identifying the different planets and where they are located in the solar system. Labelling planets and putting them in order.

Art: Designed our RUDE problem solving book mark. Began cutting, colouring and assembling 2D shapes to create an alien.



Nuacht Rang a Dó

Gaeilge: Scéal ‘Lá fuar’ agus ‘Sa Phictúirlann’. Ceist ‘Nach bhfuil an pictúir go deas? Tá sé go haoibhinn / Tá sé go deas.
Maths: Money, recognising, exchanging and using coins up to the value of 50 cents. Calculating how many items may be bought with a given sum of money. Colouring and cutting out coins.
Grow in Love: The girls have been learning about the story of ‘David and Goliath’ and today have been introduced to the story of St. Brigid.

Art: The girls have been designing their umbrellas for their ‘Rainy Days’ art pieces.


Nuacht Rang a Dó

Gaeilge: Scéal ‘An Fear Sneachta’. Ceist ‘Conas atá an aimsir? Tá sé fuar/scamallch/tirimfluich.
Coiscéim: Over the last two weeks 2nd class have been learning about the Titanic. We have been writing newspaper articles, designing porthole pictures, acting out and discussing the reactions of people on board when the ship hit the iceberg, putting the Titanic events in order as a timeline and testing out the buoyancy of various objects with a floating/sinking experiment.
Maths: We have been dividing sets of counters (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14…) into halves and quarters and folding and colouring half/quarter/two, quarters of shapes.
In Geography we have looking at and identifying the various types of homes and houses in our locality e.g. bungalow, semi-detached, terrace etc.

Nuacht Rang a Dó

On Tuesday we had our Christmas Carol Service in the Little Sisters and on Wednesday in the Church.On Tuesday we had our Christmas Carol Service in the Little Sisters and on Wednesday in the Church.

Rang a Dó have been busy creating their Christmas art pieces over the last few weeks; Christmas Tree and Rudolph the red nose reindeer.


From all in Rang a Dó, we wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a Happy and peaceful New Year. Boldog Karácsonyt!! Wesolych Swiat!! счастливого рождества!!

Nuacht Rang a Dó

On Mondays over the last five weeks, 2nd class have been travelling to Kingfisher for swimming lessons. We have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves while gaining great confidence around water and making ‘safe’ decisions.
We are coming the end of our class novel ‘Georges Marvellous Medicine’ by Roald Dahl. 2nd Class have been engaging with the Roald Dahl theme in Coiscéim, learning about his life, other books he wrote and writing their own rhymes.
We have been practicing our Christmas Carols; Gabriel Calling, Little Star, The Tree of Light, Kuyimba and Children of the World.

Second Class news.

The second last blog….hard to believe!

The highlight this week was our tour of Waterford city and our visit to Reginald’s Tower.

We saw many of the historical places in the city: Rice bridge, the Granary, the Clock Tower, the Granville Hotel to name but a few. Our tour of Reginald’s Tower lasted over an hour and was really really interesting. The guide told us  the history of the tower, and pointed out all the interesting features.

Then we went to the People’s Park for lunch and had some fun in the playground.

We have been busy practising for our presentation next Thursday, and we hope you can join us in the hall at 1.30 pm  (June 28th)

See you then!

Second Class news.

The highlight of our week was our school tour to Woodfield House in Wexford.We had a fun filled busy day. Some of the activities were: dressing  a scarecrow, milking a cow,  a wet sponge fight and a lovely interesting story told by Mrs. Flowers in her woodland retreat. The sun shone and the day absolutely flew!

We sampled our elderflower cordial that was fermenting over three days. It was delicious (but there is a lot of sugar in it) so we diluted it in lots of water.

We also had our dancing display and our Green Schools Day of Action on Tuesday. Our presentation was on the energy we get from food and we learned many interesting things about the food we eat. The most important thing is to check labels, remember that there is no such thing as a bad food, make healthy choices most of the time, and above all enjoy our food.

We learned why the banana is a super food.

Preparations are also in full swing for our end of year presentation which will show what a talented bunch we are!