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Where has the time gone?!  Our first half term is over and we welcome a well-deserved break.  Mission Week is always a busy, exciting and entertaining week, and 6th Class thoroughly enjoyed it, right down to the bell today!

We started off  the week with a visit from our Mayor and two of the 6th class girls welcomed him to our school to present certificates to our girls and some past pupils too.

Following the Mayor, 6th class were ready to kick off their sales for Mission Week.  Well done to the girls and all of their families for preparing and helping with this mammoth task.  It was a very successful day, and indeed week, of fundraising.  Congratulations to all the groups and classes.


We did get some school work done too!  In Geography, the girls are in groups and will be recording various weather patterns when they return after midterm break.   They will use a hand made anemometer to measure wind speed;  a wind rose to discover the prevailing wind; a thermometer to measure daily temperatures; and a rain gauge to measure rainfall.

They completed their ‘Futuristic Halloween Costumes’ in Art this week.  Take a look at our fashion show.  Click on the blue links:

DSCN4268[1] DSCN4267[1] DSCN4266[1] DSCN4265[1] DSCN4264[1] DSCN4262[1]

And finally, the Talent Show was fantastic.  Such an array of talent was shown at our Talent show today.  The girls from Junior Infants, right up to 6th class performed spectacularly and provided great entertainment for the pupils and the staff.

Happy Halloween all, enjoy the break!  Mrs. Power

Week 7

The week before the long awaited Mission Week.  6th Class have beautiful posters created which they advertised to all classes this afternoon.  6th Class will kick off Mission Week on Monday morning and we are very excited this year.  I know the girls have been planning and organising their displays for quite a while now and all the effort will pay off.  Best of luck to the girls on Monday – and the teachers are also looking forward to purchasing some nice treats!

This week was Maths Week and the girls have been working hard on Fractions.  They put their knowledge of fractions to work for Maths games on our tablets on Thursday and had fun playing virtual soccer, while answering some questions.

We have been integrating History, Drama and English on the topic of Ancient Egypt.  Through powerpoints, documentaries, animation and our History and Guided reading books, the girls did their own performance on the events in King Tutankhamun’s life.  This week the girls, in groups, presented information to the rest of the class and matched this information with images.   They are now working on a mini project on Ancient Egypt, which the teacher will assemble together and publish our second class book.

The girls performed their recorders this week at Assembly.  They performed and sang ‘Faoileán’, ‘Tá ‘n leon ‘na chodladh ‘nocht’ and ‘If you’re happy and you know it’.  All the other classes joined in on the last tune, and made it very entertaining.

And finally, they have been learning about the Skeletal System in Science.  Here is a song which we have started to help the girls remember the skeletal system.

Week 6

This week flew by because the girls were focusing on planning and organising Mission Week.  This year 6th Class will be kicking off Mission Week on Monday 22nd October.  As well as that, they will be busy organising the Talent Show which 6th Class totally take on, and present on the last day before Halloween.

I rang Gaeilge, thosaíomar ag imirt cluichí boird Ghaeilge agus bhíomar ag tosú dramaí beaga.

Science was another interesting week, where the girls learned about pneumatic and hydraulic technology.  They did some experiments to show how air/water pressure has a force and can move things.  A bicycle pump demonstrates air pressure very well, through the use of a simple lever.  Below are some scientists demonstrating their experiments.  Click on the blue links to see pneumatic and hydraulic experiments.


We have been practising our Recorders a lot in preparation for a Music performance at Assembly.  Well done to the girls on their hard work.


Week 5

We started our week with a lovely trip to visit the Residents in The Little Sisters of the Poor.  Here is a little write up from Aoife, Sophie and Marie Kate.

“On Monday 1st October, we visited the residents of the Little Sisters of the Poor for Positive Ageing week.  While there, we found out some interesting things about them, as they did with us.  We learned a little about their past lives.  One man used to slaughter pigs in Clover Meats; another lived on a farm and made their own puddings and gave them to their neighbours; and there was also a hotel Manager!  Rose showed us around the building and we saw the beautiful Mary Altar made by one of the Residents.  It was a great experience for the class, as well as the residents, and we hope to see them again.”

The girls have been busy working in teams to assemble a History project on our church.

In Science, we have been learning about Forces.  And we discovered that there are a lot of simple machines all around us i.e. The handle of the door uses an axle; the window blinds use a pulley; screws are used all around us.  Did you know that the force of Gravity is measured in Newtons and we used some spring balances to discover the strength of the force of Gravity with various objects in the classroom.   To finish off the lesson, a visitor came to the class.  Her (Its!) name was Nelly.  But Nelly was in fact a bicycle!  The girls linked what they had learned in class about simple machines to the many simple machines used on a bike.  Below you can see that the girls found a “lever” (brake)  and a “screw” (to raise and lower the saddle).

We have some prize winners this week.  Finally, the teacher was able to pick some winners of the ‘Sound’ Challenge.  We had a joint 1st place–  Congrats to Ruby who created the ‘Slap Pipes’, and Aoife invented the ‘Hair Grip Piano’, 2nd place – Olivia designed and made an ‘Elas-Guitar’.  And finally in 3rd place – Dzesika invented a ‘Drum-Shaker’.  Well done also to Alex who made a ‘Base’ and Brianna created a ‘Bell’.  The girls received some certificates and treats for their hard work and participation.  Well done girls!


Week 4

In the blink of an eye, September came and went!  Both teacher and pupils, and I’m sure parents too, agree that September was a busy but productive month.  And the Parent Information evening was a nice way to conclude our first month.

In English our Guided Reading groups have taken off and the girls are enjoying the smaller groups, at their level, and also taking ownership of the class and of the work that they are doing.

We have been going on holidays (imaginary!) in Maths class this week and flying off to exciting destinations.  But in order to go on our holidays, the girls have had to convert some Euro to foreign currency.  They have also been converting foreign currency back to Euro, so that they can see if they are getting value for money abroad.

We went on a class trip to the Sacred Heart Church to see what we could discover in History this week.  The girls worked in teams to fill in questions in their booklets and make connections to the class work from last week.  They enjoyed being Historians!

On Friday the girls presented their Science challenge.  For those who wished, I set a challenge to design and create a musical instrument, to demonstrate what we have been learning on the topic of Sound in the Science Curriculum.  I was extremely impressed with the effort and interest that the girls showed in this project and will find it difficult to pick out some winners!  Well done girls.  Here are some pictures and recordings.

DSCN4166[1] DSCN4169[1] DSCN4171[1] DSCN4173[1] DSCN4175[1] DSCN4177[1]

Week 3

Another busy week in 6th Class.  The week flew by as we were busy each and every day.

In English, we completed our first Recount writing in our Manuscript Copies.  We edited and redrafted our Diaries, from the planning stage to the end product, before finally writing them in our Manuscript copies.

We have been taking a different approach to PE/Irish these last few weeks, where we are doing PE through the Irish language.  At first the girls seemed daunted by this, but they are still enjoying PE, as well as learning and using some Irish.  We hope to build on our oral Irish in this way.

The girls have been blowing the cobwebs off their Recorders in Music and they are producing some nice sounds.  Remember – practise just a few minutes every night and it will become easier.  We hope to have a little performance in the future.

And we have been enjoying Drama over the last few weeks, where the girls are in role as pirates.  Some very interesting characters in the class, indeed!

Week 2!

Already we are half way through September and we have lots done, and a lot more to do!  Well done to the girls for settling in so well into 6th Class and taking on the responsible role.

In Maths this week, the girls were busy learning about lines and angles.  They made lots of connections to the Natural and Built environment and could see that lines and angles are all around us.  Their estimation skills have greatly improved and next week they will be focusing more on measuring with standard protractors.  Here are some photos – Can you spot the lines and angles?

Over the last two weeks, the girls have created some beautiful Art.  Firstly, they sketched a vase of flowers on greaseproof paper.   Following this, they coloured it with Oil Pastels.  And finally, they used white spirits to merge the colours and create a stained class effect.  Here are some examples on display.